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Jaimy Z. Blanco

Pasadena City Council

Jaimy Z. Blanco's Story

Jaimy's mother was born in Mexico, and immigrated to Texas in 1966. She fulfilled her dream, and became a United States citizen. However, it wasn't all rainbows and sunshine.

She struggled. She struggled to learn the language, and she struggled after she went to school to become a barber.

She struggled to raise four children alone, with no help.

Eventually, Jaimy's mother had to ask for welfare. She was humiliated, and embarrassed that she had to do that. Their family even had to move into section 8 housing.

Jaimy's brothers got involved with drugs, and she saw how those drugs destroyed their lives. 

Even as a little girl, Jaimy knew there was more to life than the circumstances she grew up in. Her Christian faith gave her hope, and she realized that things didn't have to be this way.

Today, Jaimy Blanco is a successful real estate investor. She provides homes for many families in Pasadena.

Jaimy's story is undeniable proof, that we all have a purpose. It shows that we can overcome anything; if we wake up every morning, and decide we are going to do something.

Why Jaimy is Running for City Council

We all want to leave a legacy for our families. We want our kids to be better off than us. That is why Jaimy Blanco is running for Pasadena City Council. 

We need more jobs in Pasadena, and we need projects that will revitalize our communities. We deserve safe paths that our children can walk home from school on.

District C hasn't had representation ensuring that city funds are benefiting our district. We need a councilperson who will negotiate, and come to the table with a clear head. The age of the "good ole boy" system is over for District C. We need this funding, so that we can become a stronger and safer community.

We must do this together. We must do it right. We must fight! Vote for Jaimy Z. Blanco for Pasadena City Council! 

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